Health benefits of eating Garlic you should be aware of…

Garlic is a natural ingredient that enhanced the tasty of food. Sometimes garlic will be prepared as a tasty dish. Whether eating garlic is healthier? The purpose of this article is to explain experimental evidence on the health benefits of garlic.

The cholesterol-depositing of blood vessels is called atherosclerosis. Especially, this can be seen by gradually aging. In this case, the flexibility of the blood vessel walls decreases gradually, and the risk of serious illness such as heart attack and paralysis increases. There are experimental evidences that garlic has the ability to reduce the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

One study found that eating garlic powder, twice a day for two years will definitely control the atherosclerosis. From this exercise, the research suggests that women are more likely to benefit from this compared to men.

Some research findings suggest that garlic reduces the risk of developing cancer on the upper intestine and ankle-shaped rectum. People who have already developed bumps in the intestine and rectal area have found that the extracts of spicy garlic are used daily for more than one year, with higher concentrations, and the risk of new bumps is decreasing.

Some Researchers are shown that people who has hypertension can reduces the blood pressure to 7-8% by eating garlic powder.

In China, researchers have found that eating one clove of garlic per day will dropped by about 50% for developing prostate cancer. However, they have done the same research by using men in Iran. But there is no evidence that garlic can cause cancer in the prostate gland.

But according to the results of previous research, researchers have suggested that garlic may reduce the risk of prostate cancer, as well as the symptoms of prostate cancer.

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