How to Improve Your Sexual Desire and Performance with Foods

How to Improve Your concupiscence and Performance with Foods; Watermelon boosts sperm cell parameter.The findings recommend that the methanol extract of the rind of Citrus lanais exerts a potential helpful impact on male generative parameters in unusual person Wis tar rats and validates anecdotal reports of the helpful impact of watermelon consumption from our surroundings.

How to Improve Your Sexual Desire and Performance with Foods


Blood flow is key for men and women, as sexual stimulation sends blood rushing to the sexual organs. Cigarettes, however, make everything move a bit slower. “This not only damages our lungs but also affects blood flow and general repair of the body,” Flower warns. She adds: “It is also a big turn off to kiss a smoker if you don’t smoke!”


It may be a go-to option for a date night, to boost confidence. But Flower warns to keep tipples to a minimum. “Whilst alcohol can remove any inhibitions, it can also affect our performance. A drink or two can relax and get us in the mood, we don’t want to get too inebriated!”


Chocolate-lovers rejoice, there’s a full world of reasons to eat bittersweet chocolate before your intimate night in. “As well as boosting blood flow, bittersweet chocolate conjointly will increase the feel-good hormones 5-hydroelectrically and mono amine neurotransmitter,” Flower explains. “This helps to lower stress and relax America. the 2 combined create this chocolate the perfect selection for a good night in

Known more to help with nausea and to aid circulation, ginger also increases sex drive,” Flower says. Try some ginger tea, or grate a little ginger into a spicy curry alongside chili

Turn up the heat by adding some spice to your meals. Chilies help speed up the metabolism, increase blood flow, plump your lips and releases feel good endorphins. Combine chili with black chocolate to get the ultimate


It is an unusual ingredient that can increasingly be found in bourgeois restaurants, cafes, and bakeries sprinkled on acacia bowls or blended into granola. But the breakfast food could also help detox you of energy-draining toxins. “Bee pollen is shown to help increase sexual activity and boost energy,” Flower says. “It is packed full of protein, carotene, and flavoring which can help remove free radicals from the body.”

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