What is Oral Sex?

Stimulating someone’s genital area by using a mouth or a tongue, the teeth or a throat call as Oral sex or oral intercourse .

Stimulating a woman’s genital area called as “cunnilingus” and Stimulating the genitals of a man is calling as “fellatio”.

Many people think licking & kissing other parts of the body is oral intercourse which is completely wrong. It isn’t. Oral intercourse does not prevent pregnancy. Oral intercourse is quite harmful to your sanitary health.

But it is based on the extent which the two are engaged in their sexual hygiene.
It’s not a matter of making sanitation a problem if you’re having sex with a trusted person.

There is a very small Occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases by doing oral sex but it is very small compared to vaginal intercourse and anal sex. In Asian region, oral sex is used to get sexual satisfaction before marriage due to their cultural issues.

This is also an important factor in getting a boost before sexual intercourse. Specially stimulating women’s vagina using the mouth before having sex will create vaginal secretions and facilitate vaginal intercourse easier and happier.

Doctors say that the risk of abortion is also getting low due to swallowing of the sperms of men.

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